Reviews of The Fairytale Trilogy

Excerpts of Reviews

  • Fairytale is a delicious cross between the Sleeping Beauty fairytale and ‘The Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde,’ and frequently references other great works of fantasy and folklore with a wry deftness. It is clear that Gribben is as well-read as her heroine, and quilted talented at putting her knowledge to good use . . . Delightful.”–Helen Pilinovsky, Endicott Studio
  • “Fast-paced, imaginative, and delightful with wonderful characters!”–R.A. Nelson, author of Teach Me.
  • “Mythology with a modern twist.”–Southern Living
  • “I love the heroine Marianne’s feistiness, I love her insecurities and her strengths, and I loved watching her grow up.”–Louise Shaffer, author of Serendipity and Looking For a Love Story.
  • “In just a few pages, I found myself completely transfixed by the magical world of Valerie Gribben’s wondrous imagination.”–Frank Turner Holland, author of the Pains of April and A Thin Difference
  • “This book makes fine reading for a lazy afternoon.”–Heidi Anne Heiner, creator of SurLaLune Fairy
  • The Fairytale Trilogy was an amazing set of stories. These stories had many wonderful and intriguing qualities, and I would recommend them to anyone who loves fairytales and wants something a little different.”–KjOls, Age 11, Flamingnet New Book Reviews


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