Make your book club choice: Valerie Gribben’s THE FAIRYTALE TRILOGY

High Recommendations for The Fairytale Trilogy.

Fantasy books are all the rage among young adult readers, but rarely is one of those books actually written by a young adult. Until now. Valerie Gribben, a UAB medical student, has penned a fast-paced, intriguing fantasy series, the first of which was written when she was only sixteen years old. . . .

The Fairytale Trilogy is a collection of Gribben’s three novellas: Fairytale, The Emperor’s Realm, and The Three Crowns.  The stories follow the adventures of young Marianne and her brother, Robin, as they come of age in an enchanted land. The books are fairy tales in the classic sense, full of talking frogs, magical wizards, dangerous quests, and royal conspiracies. But Gribben writes with a decidedly contemporary flair. . . .

The books are fast-paced page-turners, full of mystery and laced with sly wit. A new plot twist or fantastic character appears on almost every page, keeping the reader engaged and definitely wanting more. The precocious Gribben writes with a maturity and sense of humor that is not condescending to younger readers. She definitely understands her audience, and she appreciates their ability to grasp adult ideas while reading a truly fun fantasy. . . .

I passed the book among my thirteen-year-old daughter and her friends, and it received rave reviews from all. Words like ‘awesome,’ ‘thrilling,’ and ‘wickedly cool’ were the most common responses. The only problem for Gribben is that they all want more—and soon. If the author can find the time between medical school classes and labs to pen some more literary magic, she will make many young readers happy. And probably a few moms, too.–Beth Wilder, Alabama Writer’s Forum

  • Fairytale is a delicious cross between the Sleeping Beauty fairytale and ‘The Necklace of Princess Forimonde,’ and frequently references other great works of fantasy and folklore with a wry deftness. It is clear that Gribben is as well-read as her heroine, and quilted talented at putting her knowledge to good use . . . Delightful.”–Helen Pilinovsky, Endicott Studio
  • “In just a few pages, I found myself completely transfixed by the magical world of Valerie Gribben’s wondrous imagination.”–Frank Turner Holland, author of the Pains of April and A Thin Difference
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WVUA’s Danny Salter interviews Valerie Gribben about the publication of The Fairytale Trilogy, medical school, ebooks, and more. Watch this video here or on YouTube.